Always Smile !

Smiling is not only a mood booster. It helps our brain to release endorphins and serotonin, causing positive emotions. There are many benefits of smiling. Younger appearance. Better relationships. Stronger immune system. Reduce stress. Reduce pain. Increase endurance. Reduce blood pressure. How does smiling effect the brain ? Smiling activates tiny molecules in the brainContinue reading “Always Smile !”

Using baking soda on teeth ?

I think thare are some questions about using baking soda to teeth whitening. Is it good or bad to use baking soda on teeth ? Baking soda has an mild abrasive nature. It helps to remove built-up plaque and surface stains. And also baking soda is alkaline and salty, which helps lighten acid-based food stainsContinue reading “Using baking soda on teeth ?”

Never put these things on your face

1. Lemon Eat or drink but never put on your face. Lemons are extremely acidic. It may cause skin irritation. You might experience excessive dryness, redness and peeling off your skin. These effects can be worse if you have sensitive skin. 2. Hot water Excessively hot water will strip healthy natural oils from your skin.Continue reading “Never put these things on your face”

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